Friday, October 18, 2013

Life is a Roller Coaster

Five years ago, I married my best friend....

We "eloped" to Jamaica to get married. Everyone knew we were going, it was planned, but I just didn't feel like planning a wedding and stressing out. No one came with us, we just went on vacation and got married. It was WONDERFUL. I am still so happy that's what we did.

We SO want to go back....

We came back and did a photoshoot at home.... these are some of my favorite pictures.

Fast forward 5 years.....

A lot has happened...

two beautiful girls
new house
deaths in the family
grad school

The last month has been one of the most stressful times in our marriage. Between the passing of my husband's father (and the leading up to it) stress at my job, we really just needed a day to be free....

So I took the day off of work, we dropped the girls off at our FABULOUS sitter's,  and we headed to Islands of Adventures...

so we could go to Harry Potter World!

We relaxed in Margaritaville (one of my FAVORITE places...I just love Jimmy Buffett)

And we rode all the roller has been about 7 years since our last roller coaster, I think. We were thinking we could go in, ride all of the rides 2-3 times each, so we bought the express pass - UNLIMITED.  HA!  well.... we did ride ALL the rollercoasters and rides, but ummm.... our bodies can NOT handle roller coasters like we used to. Our first coaster was the Hulk....which, if it's your first time back in the coaster-saddle, then whew! It's a 

As we were leaving the park today, I thought it very apropos that we chose to go to a theme is such a roller coaster, especially the last month. We rode those roller coasters, we screamed we laughed, we got a little queezy. But we survived, and we're ready to take on the next ride.  

Life has its ups, it's downs, its twists and turns. Scream, cry, laugh, it's all part of the ride. And if you have a friend by your side, you'll make it out alive.

That's the lesson I came up with today, and I'm so glad that I have my best friend to share life's roller coaster with! Here's to many more rides!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hang in there. When you marry the right person you can make it through anything. And what I mean by "the right person" is the one who is good for you, close to perfect for you, and one who is forgiving. Love and Respect...that's what it takes! Enjoy!

  2. So glad the two of you were able to get away and forget about everything for a few hours. Sounds like just what you needed. Hugs to you both.

  3. Thank you ladies! It really was what we needed - just a day to have fun :)