Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals

Yes, September has arrived!

I was searching for some good "hello, September" pictures and THIS one popped up. I know, it's not really "fallish" but I mean, I live in Florida. We don't get fall.

That is the one thing that makes me sad.

Fall.  I love Fall. Ironic that my first born's name is Autumn, isn't it?

Anyway, I felt it fitting to use this picture, because, well, I'll still be at the beach A LOT in September.

One of my favorite blogs, Mix & Match, posted her September goals. I didn't realize she did this monthly. I like this idea. So I'm jumping on the boat!

Let me explain. 

1.  I love reading books!  But during the school year, it's really hard to read books. And I'm even in a book club!

This month's book is Tempting Fate.
 Have I started it yet?? Ugh.  But after this week, I should be much calmer. Back to school AND my daughter's birthday is really a stressful time! haha!

2.  Have friends over for dinner. I swear, I get so caught up in life!  Don't we all? So, this month, we will have friends over for dinner!

3.  Laundry.  My nemesis. Period. It might be the only thing that I hate loathe about cleaning. And I love to clean. So my goal is to do a few loads throughout the week instead of letting it all pile up through the week.

4.  More date nights!  With the baby coming soon, Ron and I definitely need more date nights! I wish he worked a regular schedule so that we could say that every Tuesday was date night, or every Thursday. This is when a fire fighter's schedule can be hard.

Ok, so there are my goals. We will see how they go. The month's sure do seem to go by fast sometimes! Eek!

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