Thursday, August 7, 2014

Have Your Girl Time

Pure exhaustion.

That's me.

I can barely keep my eyes open, my head is pounding, and my patience level with my kids is gone.

It seems as though I haven't stopped since we got back from our road trip. And I was already exhausted from that.

It was my birthday.

Then we moved all of my stuff from storage into my classroom. And I have been there every day since. I think I am finally finished with it. But, my brain won't stop.

Then we went down south to have fun at the Splash Park with friends.

As tired as I am, I still don't get to sleep until 11:00 or so. And then of course my lovely Brooklynn wakes me up by 6:00.  Seven hours is not enough sleep for this 6-month pregnant mama.

I'm not going to get into the beach trips, running around town crossing things off my list, and more work that I've been doing since our little mini trip down south, but all of this has left me utterly exhausted.

But, just because I'm so exhausted doesn't mean I want to stop! I want to hang out with my family and have a social life too.

The other night, I had plans to hangout with some of my favorite ladies for a game night. I seriously could have fallen asleep on the couch at 7:00.  I was so tempted to call and bail on them. I think my excuses are legitimate, right?  No one would blame me.

But I need to see my girls. I haven't seen them in forever - since before our road trip.  I kind of think of these girls as my Sex and the City girls.  We're all different. We all have such different lives. But when we get together, we laugh, we vent, we "breathe."  Everyone needs to see their girls. We make it a point to really get together at least once a month. Life is so hectic, schedules are so different. Some of us get together randomly with our kids, but it's hard to get us all together at once.

We got together about 1.5 hours later than what the original plan was. lol. That's just how our lives are. But we did it. And I made it there. After we got most of our talking out, we finally busted out the games. Apples to Apples was the winner.

Such a fun game. Such great girls. The time was so needed.

No matter how tired you are, sometimes you just have to make yourself get up and go. Girl time is always needed. Away from husbands. Away from kids. You don't need to go out anywhere. Stay home. Make dinner. Have some wine. Play games. 

Have your girl time. Does a soul good.

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