Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mayor's Ball

Oooh... look how fancy we look! My, oh my... don't we clean up well?

I'm going to tell you. The BEST compliment my husband has ever given me was last night. "You don't even look pregnant in that picture... since your belly is 'hidden' in my tux. The rest of you looks the same."  Oh. My.   Thank you, honey, that you!

I can honestly say that I've never seen my husband so dressed up, minus his firefighter dress uniform. He didn't even wear a tux to our wedding - we got married on the beach and had beach wedding attire.

We were invited to the Mayor's Ball, and we've never done anything so fancy, so we figured why not? Something new to try, right!

So he had to rent a tux, and I found my dress at Ross for $17 - woop woop! haha! Although, let's talk about those shoes.

I've had those shoes for a few years. Believe it or not, I used to actually get pretty dressed up for work. I'm a teacher. Heels like that is ridiculous. ha!  I mean, LOOK at these heels. My feet and legs are used to flats... flops are my every day wear.  These darn heels DID. ME. IN. lol

Awww.. look at my 2 girlies.. they were so excited to see us so dressed up. Our dog, Pete, actually  started barking at my husband when he came out of our room all dressed up - haha!

So, we headed off for the Mayor's Ball in style. It was actually pretty fun. And the charity he picked that night was Boy Scouts, a fine charity (since I was a Girl Scout).

AND, I actually took a belly picture the other day.

This is my 30-ish week belly. Still kickin' and growing! Two more months to go!

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