Sunday, December 4, 2016

St. Augustine Diva Half Marathon

This weekend, I had a little getaway. It was so needed. I left Friday, RIGHT after work and met up with my best friend that came to town that afternoon. I got to see her for little over an hour. That's okay - something is better than nothing. I am SO glad I got to see her!

Then, I headed up to St. Augustine for the weekend! I was running the half with some friends from my school, but I wanted to see my "old" friends a little before we did "race" stuff. I got to hang out with my friends on Friday night, went to the Anastasia Island Farmer's market Saturday morning (if you're ever up there on a Saturday - be sure to go!), and took a Zumba class that my friend was instructing (well, actually, it's HER studio - check it out if you're ever up there! It's FunkyTown Fitness). The, I got to meet up with another long-time friend for lunch. It was such a beautiful day, we walked to lunch and had some great time catching up!

After lunch, I met up with the rest of my race crew! We went to the expo, and of course got our picture taken with the photo op.

Then we checked into our hotel.

We went for dinner at a yummy italian place and stuffed our faces with pasta (pre-race running fuel is an excuse, right!?!) and then headed downtown to see the Nights of Lights. 
It was absolute MAY-HEM. 
I don't ever remember it being THAT big of a "thing" when I lived there, or even the last few years when I've visited... but it sure was beautiful!

Got our picture taken at the big tree in the middle of the commons.

The next day, it was up and at 'em!

Pre-race photo!

Love this girl. She has never run a half marathon before this.. she worked so hard for it. I am so proud of her!

Our Meadowlane Primary ladies! A few of us from school all signed up to do it. My principal and assistant principal are in that mix! So awesome!!

One of the girls we ran with came in SECOND place of the whole race!!! I am so amazed that that is even possible. And that is after numerous surgeries on her knee. Just amazing. I came out of the "finishers area" just as the guy was saying "and let's give it up for our place runners!" or something to that effect, and I was like, "OOH, OOH! I bet Meredith is there!" and sure enough. I was so excited that I got see her get her a celebrity! ha! No, but for real. 

There's my girl, Sember getting ready to run across the finish line.

So proud of her.

Post race photo :) 

So proud of all these ladies!!

I had such a fun weekend with all of my friends! I loved seeing my long-time friends, and hanging out with these girls and getting to know them better.

And I'm so thankful I got to go. I am thankful for my parents for helping out while my husband worked his long shifts. 

Just look at this medal. It's so purtty!

Never in a million years would I think I, the chubby kid/adult who could never run longer than a mile, would become a runner in her 30s!

I mean, I'm no "road-runner" (beep, beep!), but I'm still a runner!

My time for this marathon was only 3 minutes over what my goal was!! I wanted a 2:30 time, but I honestly that was unrealistic because I had NOT done ANY training for this...or at all. I just have not been in the mood to make it fit in my schedule (though the times ARE limited), but still.

I'm super proud of my time. Maybe I'll actually do some running to train for my next one... next month? lol

That's the power of your mindset.... and I'm so thankful I've had such a great support system. (Thanks, Tori!!)

Until the next run, my friends!

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