Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cookie Delivery - 2016

So, things have been quite hectic around here lately.

But we finally had time today to make cookies.

Usually my mom and I bake cookies together, but our schedules just didn't come together this year. Oh well. That happens.

At this moment I was looking around and seeing my kitchen in such a disaster and I was halfway to a sugar coma. lol.

By the way - baking Christmas cookies means you HAVE to wear a Christmas shirt and drink from a Christmas cup... insert Elf swag.

Later that day, after I got Caroline from school, we headed off through the neighborhood to deliver cookies, which is what we do every year.

It started off all nice and easy and cute....

Then Caroline decided she wanted to walk while holding the goodie bags (they started off a cutely wrapped. lol)

and started looking more like this...

Then the handle of the wagon broke. So I had to sit there and try to fix it while in the middle of our walk. Yes, I did get it fixed, but now before a sweet neighbor walked by and offered their help. lol... just let me deal with my chaos. lol

After the wagon was fixed, Caroline decided SHE was going to be pulling the wagon from now on.

This girl sure does keep things alive. lol

One of our last stops, she thought she was going to bring the wagon IN the house. Oh, for goodness sake. lol. Screaming was ensuing. Laughter, the kind of "really?? Is this for real? lol"

And that present that we delivered looked a lot like this. lol.  Oh man. That looks BEAUTIFUL! Merry Christmas!! hahhaa

As Brooklynn was standing there holding the last one, and I TOLD her to hold the bottom of it, I turned around to talk to my friend and then all of sudden, BOOM! The last box fell to the ground. 

I wasn't quick enough to take the picture of the actual droppage, because the hawks dove in to devour the carnage. lol. 

You guys... I can't even pretend that life doesn't stress me out. But honestly, these are the memories that I will laugh at when I look back. 

I love these girls.

And thankfully, our last stop had some coquito to share for the walk home! Woohoo! That helped. ;-)

My beautiful chaos.

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