Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer at the Splash Park

Last weekend, I went down to my hometown to meet up with some friends for the day. We met up with all of our kiddos at the Sailfish Splash Park.

I've been there before with my cousins, so I knew the girls would love it!

I love this place, It's not too big. There's a cute little kid area, a lazy river, and some big-kid slides.

What's crazy is that my 4 year old decided that it was her time to go down these crazy big slides.

Um. This mama was a little scared to let her. BUT, she did it! MANY times.

My little Dare Devil.

And they have a Lazy River. The girls love going in the river.

It was such a fun day meeting up with old friends. I haven't seen them in years!  Lindsey and I are both very pregnant and Jess just had her baby girl. 

That same day, I got to make a few more stops to see a few more friends. These are friends I've had since elementary and middle school. I can't believe it. By the time we left, I wasn't sure I could stay awake for the hour drive home...but I did. I'm so glad I got to meet up with all my friends!

If you're ever in the Stuart, Palm City, Port St. Lucie area, you should definitely take some time to head over to the water park.

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