Sunday, January 17, 2016

Life Lately

It's been a while since I've done a "Life Lately" post. Probably because life lately has been....crazy! haha

So, let me go ahead and do a photo dump since the new year.

I'll start you off with a little smile from a naked baby! I just can't handle it.

When I go in to check on the girls before I go to bed, this is what I see now - sharing a bed and sleeping perpendicular to the bed. lol

It has been a little cooler now - to where I need to wear my long sleeves when I go running at night! yay!

We are getting SERIOUS about the floors, finally! We have spent about a year with half concrete, half tile in the house from our kitchen remodel last year.

Brooklynn started Awanas. She is so proud of her vest - and how she's like her big sister now. 

I've been able to meet up with my BF for some happy hour - so needed!! 

I went to Beachbody's Super Saturday on beachside, which you can check out {HERE}.

And when I came home, I had the cutest little sunshine waiting for me.

and then we acted all silly ... because sometimes you just need to be silly.

Grocery shopping with three kids...that's always fun!

Your pants getting bigger?? That's even MORE fun!

Floor guy #2. I think we're going with this - it'st he Cortex. Much more suitable for our family and lifestyle, I think.

Oh. This. Yeah. so I got really mad at the girls for making so much laundry, so now it's their job to fold laundry. And they do it!! haha!

Autumn got an award on awards' day at school...for organization. #bestillmyheart

Caroline got her first tooth!!! She's only 13 months and getting her first tooth, but hey - she got it!

just relaxing on the front porch having ice January.

Ring Around the Rosy!

More gymnastics... they look forward to Wednesdays (Awanas) and Thursdays (gymnastics) every week! 

AND we got to see family on Friday. Erich and Karissa came to town from California with their two girls.   And Hans came over with Jack. It was a little mini reunion.  The girls just loved Rosalee and Leia. 

Jack and his salad he stole from Karissa. haha


BEST picture EVER!!

No wait.. even better!


and I got my newest Beachbody Program! Super excited!!

Took the girls to see Peppa Pig. oink oink!

Whew!! I'm tired. haha

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