Thursday, August 20, 2015

Caroline - 9 months!

So Caroline... Sweet Caroline, is 9 months old.

3/4 of a year old. Holy cow.

By this point, she's had MANY photo sessions. haha!  Even Autumn is getting behind the camera to photograph her now. I get it. I like taking lots of pictures too!

Caroline and the other baby... 

Her sisters like that she's older now and they can make her get in on all of their shenanigans - haha! Oh boy!

We've had a lot of fun beach days too.

And hanging out with the family some more!

Oh. This is big.

Caroline has learned to CRAWL.

How did she learn to crawl?? We put food in front of her! haha! Will crawl for food.

She continues to melt my heart every day.

Another trip to Disney!

This time we went to Epcot - this is her eating a croissant - yum!!

And she got to meet some princesses.

What a hard life... falling asleep and being carried around.

More fun at the beach.

More sister shenanigans. I mean honestly - she is their personal baby doll. ha!

Caroline is less than thrilled when I mention that it's family clean the house day!

More beach days. haha

And yes, I still bathe her in the baby tub. It's because I HATE bath time.. I hate bending over the tub and dealing with all that water. If I have her in the sink, it's at my level and it's BOOM quick, we're done!  I know. I'm weird, but I KNOW I'm not the only one out there that hates bath time.

But I DO love snuggle times!  She's just sooo sweet!

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