Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Chalkboard Art

Happy first day of summer!!! Well, it was when I drew the board...yesterday. haha!

Yesterday, I showed you my Spring Chalkboard I did a few months ago.  And today, here's my FIRST Summer Chalkboard!!  I say 1st because I wanted a few different things in my mind, but I couldn't do them ALL in one board.

This one took a lot of erasing...with a paper towel (wet AND dry) AND Q-Tips. lol. I used a ruler to help keep the writing straight in the middle there... I REALLY wanted to draw a mermaid in water for the "Mermaid Kisses" part, but I didn't trust myself on that one! eek!

You can check out my "inspirations" on my Chalkboard Art Board on Pinterest..this one was a combination of a few different ones.


  1. All that effort was worth it - looks AMAZING!! Must make you smile every time you walk by it!

  2. It's soooooo cute!!!! Come do my chalkboard now!