Sunday, February 9, 2014

Daddy Love

I know I do a lot of complaining.... of all the things laying around the house, of all the things that don't get done while I'm at work, of all the things that I feel I do on my own. 

But, I need to remember that all in all, my husband sure does love his kids!  And it is VERY apparent that his girls love him SO MUCH! I can already see that they view him as their "hero" or "super daddy!"

This is one of the sweetest pictures EVER to me. Autumn was so excited that he stopped by when he was in the area while at work. 

It's just amazing to me how much Autumn loves her daddy, which is the way it should be! A father's love for his daughter, in my eyes, is so great! I am so thankful to have found a man that really does love his girls and would go to the moon and back for them!

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