Monday, June 27, 2022

Hello Monday {6.27.22}

Happy Monday! I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly sharing some fun from our weekend. 

The girls finished up Winshape camp on Friday - they had a great time! Brooklynn even said she wished it was all month. lol. And Autumn made some new friends. Unfortunately, they're all up in Viera, so it's not likely she'll see them again, but I like that she's able to make friends easily now. 

THEN, I started off my weekend with a GIRLS weekend at Margaritaville!! I was so honored to be invited, and spending the weekend with this group of girls was just so uplifting. 

This tank is SO good! It's so lightweight and flowy. It's on sale too. 
And these summer shorts are my GO-TO shorts - I will buy ALL the colors. And wear them ALL the days...spring, summer, fall, and even some winter days, know...Florida. lol 

We stayed at a cottage at Margaritaville in Orlando

If you know me, you know I have a serious love for Jimmy Buffett. I grew up listening to him and he was one of my first concerts. 

(I blew out my flip flop....stepped on a pop top)

The lobby was SO fun!

Seriously, these ladies made for a fun time!

We spent the whole day Saturday by the pool. And I bought some bingo cards, and we actually won a bucket! Heck ya!

Saturday was supposed to rain all day, but it ended up being such a beautiful day!!

Came home and got right to work with things... cleaning, laundry, feeding the really? Why do you need eat ALL THE TIME!? lol

This sleeveless swing dress is probably one of my new favorite dresses! I also got it in black. It's on sale right now too! 

Started a new workout calendar. I think I might really like it! If you want the calendar you can download it HERE

My workout outfit that day was the flow tank, seamless hustle shorts

After church, I decided it was time.

Time to go through the "Hand me down" box. 

I purged that sucker WAY DOWN... fortunately/unfortunately, we're getting to the stage where there aren't a lot of hand me downs any more.... so this box is just the "stuff that doesn't fit yet, holiday clothes, and winter clothes (minus the jackets. They're so poofy, I just keep those hanging up).

The wall of clothes to pass down to our favorite little girl. 

I wore the code joggers and classic V for the rest of the day, SO DANG. COMFY. 

My dad made Autumn a "desk" for her to do her art on - it's more of table, but it looks so great in her room. He loves doing projects - and this was simple, but he just took a piece of good wood, rounded the edges, added some legs, and coated it with oil to make it nice and smooth. 

And last.. but not least, I picked up my groceries for THIS WEEK'S MENU
So fun...adulting and such. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm off to do another load of laundry. 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Friday Favorites {6.24}

Happy Friday, friends!!  Today's post is a quick look at my favorites for the week....

My favorite recipe from last week's menu - The One Pot Chicken Fajita pasta! It ended up being really good! It was a tad spicy, so you could probably trade out the Rotel for just diced tomatoes. But we ate it and liked it! 

My favorite outfit? Whew - ok... that's hard. BUT...

I'm wearing the Nantucket shorts from Zyia and the Cloud Shirt from Athleta - SO COMFY!

I also got this Draper James pajama outfit - honestly, it was my FIRST matching pajama set, and my girls were like "what are you wearing?! oooh. I like it." lol That just goes to show you how I dress for bed. Maybe I should look into that more. haha

But then there's THIS outfit... and oh my goodness, doesn't it just put you in a good mood!?

It's the Spring Bud pocket light n tights, and the pink copper charge tank. I just keep looking at thinking how happy it makes me. lol.  They're ZYIA - light n tights are their MAIN attraction!
Check them out HERE

I also finished another workout calendar - which I LOVED. It was a great hybrid of workout programs. Download the calendar in THIS post. 

My favorite Amazon purchase?? Oh vey. Pretty much everything from my 4th of July Haul!

My favorite show? Well, I don't do much watching TV - but I have stumbled across The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. And I LOVE the movie with Matthew M. (I can never spell his name right lol), and so far this show is pretty good!

My favorite moment from the week? 

There have been a few from the girls - they have been so excited about Winshape Camp, and listening to their stories and watching them reenact stories during dinner has been a lot of fun each day.

This was the first day I dropped them off. In true fashion, I got a GREAT picture! lol BUT, that's real life. 

But honestly, maybe THIS moment, might be my favorite.
I went shopping at Old Navy, and I tried on a fitted dress. Probably the first time ever, honestly

And I didn't hate it.

I'm still 20 lbs heavier than where I was last year, and despite my good eating and consistency with working out, the scale is not budging. Like at all. But I can feel changes in my body. I'm more toned, my strength is up, and I can feel my outer thighs slimming. I have to remind myself, I don't workout and eat healthy to be skinny, or to be a certain number on the scale. I do it to be healthy and strong. Today, I kind of loved the skin I was in
The dress is from old navy and is on sale right now. Find it HERE

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back on Monday.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Meal Planning {6.27.22}

Good morning, and happy Thursday! 
I've decided to move my meal plannings to Thursday... I usually make my grocery lists on Fridays or Saturdays, so that I have my lists ready to go by Sundays. Maybe you're kind of the same? So I thought be better to do them BEFORE the week ahead. So, the date up top will be wrong for this post, but that's because it's for the next week's meal. Make sense? Maybe. lol

So here's next week's meals.

I like to have 1 each of:
-"taco tuesday" variation

1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup - I don't normally think of soup in the summer, but when I asked the girls if they had any meal requests for the month, that was one of them. we are lol.  THIS is the soup that we normally eat. Ron bought it one time on BOGO at Publix, and we've never looked back. And I'll probably "jdudje" our grilled cheese up, just because. lol

2.  Burrito Casserole - this actually came from a Country Crock recipe I came across on Instagram! They don't have it posted anywhere else that I've found, but I saved in my IG and just go back to it. 

3. Honey Chipotle Chicken -   The girls and I don't like things too spicy, so I don't use too many chilis, but the flavor of them definitely adds to it!

4.  Sweet and Sour Shrimp Rice Bowls - We haven't had this yet, but it sounds yum!!

5. Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Casserole - I usually really like recipes from Skinnytaste, so we'll see  how this one is! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Another Workout Calendar Done!

Well, I finished another workout calendar!

I'm really loving these Hybrid calendars! It keeps things fresh and fun. This one incorporated 5 different programs:

1) MBF/A (Megan) - you did the recovery days and the Power Ignite workouts, working the whole body, one of my favorite types of working out!

2) T25 (Shaun T) - I love Shaun T, I love his personality and his hard core workouts. BUT my body does not like his style of workouts... my neck and bladder don't like all the jumping. lol. But I did them! I just modified some of the jumping parts so I wouldn't pee my pants. haha!

3) 80 Day Obsession (Autumn) - we did the booty days, the last one for each phase. SO GOOD. They were 2x15s with 3 moves in each set. Man, my butt got a good workout on those days.

4) Body Beast (Sagi - old school!) - I will say, Sagi is not my favorite trainer to listen to, he's kind of awkward, but I pass no judgement, being in front of a camera when English isn't your first language. I mean, I get it. But MAN, he sure does know his workouts!! We did shoulders and tris one day and legs another day from him. I'm REALLY tempted to do one of his calendars next, I love his style of working out so much.

5) The Work (Amoila) - and then.... The Crucible with Amoila. UGH. I really love Amoila. His passion just jumps off into the screen and he really motivates you. His laugh and smile, and his story telling. But this dang crucible?! Holy Crap. The last one was from the last workout in The Work and each set was 100 reps of each move!! I wanted to cry. In fact.. if you saw my reel on Instagram, I think I did cry. lol 

It was a HARD calendar - I really pushed myself for 3 weeks (add a few days for quick trips), but it was really FUN! If you want the calendar, you can download it HERE

Need to sign up for Beachbody on Demand? Click HERE to find out more about it!

AND I have a day pass link for BODi - click HERE

Then I went for a 2 mile run (well, walk/run...). My goal during the summer is to get in a run every day while I'm home. It's really just 4 cul-de-sacs...because my neighborhood is one big "circle" of cul-de-sacs. Running in FL summer, no matter what time of day, sweat will be dripping profusely... these spring bud lnts hide the sweat so well!! And the copper charge tanks, of course, are amazing 👏
On, the look like nothing is there, off and inside out? Looks like I peed my pants 😆

Those light n tights really are life! lol

Check them out HERE

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

4th of July Amazon Haul

The 4th of July is coming up! If you know me, you know I love a good theme - whether it's in my classroom or at home, or with clothes/accessories.

Here are a few things I've found on Amazon to help decorate our house or clothes/accessories for us to wear. 

1. Leather Earrings - I love big earrings, but I don't love the weight. These leather earrings are perfect, and they're not too bad, price-wise, so I don't feel bad only wearing them a few times a year. 

2. Pleated Fan Flag - I've been looking for these to hang on the "banister" on the front porch, but finally found some that weren't going to be too pricey

3. Pillow covers - I have found just buying the covers to pillows instead of the actual pillow is SO much easier to store. I change them out for each season! 

4. Muscle Tank - This fits TTS, but I am in between sizes and I actually went with my larger size so it was more loose than fitted. 

5. Dog Bandanas - yep, even the dog needs some fun!

6.  Patriotic Banner - perfect for back yards, or if you're camping in your RV to string outside of it! 

7. Kimono - I love a good kimono! For beaching or being at the pool, or just hanging out! 

8. Distressed Flag Tank - can one have too many tanks? I think not. lol

9. Kids Flippy shirt - are your kids still loving the flippy shirts? My girls do. 

10. Stud earrings - oh man, my girls love earrings, and they always fight who gets which ones. This pack is perfect because it comes with 12 pairs! 

11. American Girl shirt - this shirt is calling my name! 

12.  String Lights - Depending on the areas you'll be hanging them, you might need a few strands, but I love these lights!

There are TONS more out there! One needs a good hat too, and I really liked THIS ONE.  I love a good baseball ponytail hat! 

Happy shopping! 

Monday, June 20, 2022

Meal Planning Monday {6.20.22}

Good morning and happy Monday! 

Today I'm sharing my meal plan for this week. I actually plan for the whole month, but linking all the recipes for a whole month is tedious lol - so a week at a time is the plan.  Some of them I have links for, some of them I just make them. Either way, maybe you'll get some ideas for your meals for the week.

1. Meatloaf - this I don't have a recipe for. I just make it like my momma taught me... egg, breadcrumbs, ketchup, onions, etc... BUT... I do make them into logs instead of a loaf. They cook faster, AND they're already portioned. lol

2. One-Pot Chicken Fajita Pasta - confession. I haven't tried this recipe yet. So we'll see if it makes it into the binder. 

3.  Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken - I'll probably make some egg noodles with butter for the kids and some zucchini for me and Ron. 

4.  Honey Glazed Salmon - definitely with some veggies, and maybe some orzo or rice.

5.  Garlic Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein This one is made with spaghetti noodles, so Autumn likes to say it's just beef and broccoli spaghetti lol

Hope that gives you some ideas!

Happy cooking!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Camping in the Panhandle

The girls and I just got back from a quick trip to the panhandle. 

We "crashed" my parents' camping trip in Eastpoint. This was the view from the site - right on a main road, but it was so pretty to look at! 

lol - the goofs.

 It's right near St. George Island and Apalachicola. The beaches there are like the white sand and SO pretty, and no one was really there.

Always shell hunting or crab finding.

Found a dead crab that was whole! It was pretty impressive! 

I love lighthouses - this one was on St. George island. 

We also went to the Nature center - it was actually really cool! And FREE! I like free lol

but they had TONS of animals to see (stuffed or preserved, and in aquariums)

My girls know how to make things fun where ever they go. lol

Oh, Autumn 😅

The, they took us to a place called "Hold in the Wall." It had FOUR tables, total lol - and it was run by people who would rather sit and have conversations with you than have a high turnover rate, which I love. AND they had the best prices for oysters. 

This is the place where Autumn had her first oysters! It was baked, not raw, but she enjoyed them!

My dad explaining to Caroline how to eat an oyster - she wasn't too sure about it.

Caroline and Brooklynn, analyzing their food, as always - ha! 

BUT...they ate it! And they said they'd even do it again! I call that a win, because Brooklynn us THE pickiest easter, textures and her do NOT get along. 

This was one of the "shrimping boats" that were docked. We got to talk with a few locals about how things are run, it's quite interesting!

but the highlight was all the "crabbing" they got to do during low tide!

You can't see it, but when it's low tide, you can walk out for like a mile and it's still at your ankles! We were finding all kinds of little animals  - conchs, hermit crabs, actual crabs, 

These are baby conchs, you can kind of see the animal sticking out a bit.

Little black crabs that were all over the beach 

And when it was "high tide" (again, still super shallow), they took the floats out and just played around in the water - where there's water, that's where you'll find the girls! 

Then, we spent a whole day shopping in downtown Apalachicola. You could really spend the whole day shopping there. Such a neat downtown area!  

Autumn was inspired by some of the art there and did some painting one night. 

The last night we were there, low tide was going happen around 1:00 a.m., so my mom and I decided it'd be a good idea to wake up around 12:30 and take Autumn out - lol. 

But man, that moon was beautiful on the water!!

One adventure down, so many more to go!