Sunday, March 23, 2014

Missing Socks Dilemma

Today, I had a meltdown....over socks.


I know, it sounds lame. But if any of you are OCD like me, then you'll appreciate the fact that it took me THIS long to finally go off my rocker about it. lol. 

So, I finally did something about it!

(sorry about the lighting...the light is RIGHT over that spot and there was no way to get a good picture)

I went to the store, got some fish-eye hooks, clothes line, and clothespins and hung up a clothesline....

Then I took it step further and busted out my black vinyl and my cameo.

The font I used was called Impervious, from Kevin and Amanda

The letters (the tall letters like the Ts and Ls) were 4 inches tall. I just googled "sock svg" and found this one...well, actually it was a PNG that I had to turn into an SVG.... and voila! Missing socks floating around the house issue is done!

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