Sunday, August 4, 2013

Girls Night: Painting

You know what's fun? a painting night!

We were all set to go to one of those Bottles and Brushes places, you know where you drink wine and paint pictures? Well, the one that they were going to paint that night wasn't something that we liked. SO, we decided to do our own. One of Jolyn's favorite artists is Peter Max. So we found one of his paintings that we liked and decided to try it on our own!

This is the one we were set out to do.

So to Jo-Ann's we went!  I had all the paints already, and paintbrushes, so we only needed to get the canvases. We found canvases, 2 for $13 and then they were 50% off of that! Sweet deal!

We stopped off at Publix to get some dinner...yep. Subs and Mimosas for dinner! haha!

We like to keep it classy. haha!

I printed off a picture for us both to use as a guide, and away we went!

Here's what we looked like most of the!

And ta-da!!  I actually REALLY like how they came out!! 

I think we're going to do it again...a different artist this time.

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